Current Amount Of Free Music

Current Amount Of Legal Free Music:

Albums: 266
Songs: 2131
Total Playing Time: 6:20:12:41 (Yes, that's more then 6 DAYS!)
Total Size: 18,88 GB


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Q: How can the music that's found here be free but still legal?
A: The answer is simple: We only share links to albums given away for free by artists or their labels to promote the artist. We do not upload anything ourself unless the license specifically allows us so (mostly Creative Commons licenses) so if the artist at any time would decide to remove the link and stop sharing the album, the sharing will automatically be stopped here as well, so grab it quickly as long as the artist still give it away for free!

Q: I am an artist and I do not wish to share this album any longer/this album was wrongly marked as "free" and should not be shared.
A: Please contact me at with proof that said album belongs to you and I will remove it as soon as possible!

Q: Can I tell you about an album I found for free legally?
A: Of course! Just mail me at and I'll add it soon! Please note: I WILL check if the album is legal and if I can't find any reason to believe this album is given away by the artist or their label for free and legally I will NOT add it to the site. I do NOT endorse illegal sharing, this blog will be 100% LEGAL.

Q: What's the chatbox for?
A: It's an easy way for users to recommend each other albums or talk about the artists on this blog.

Q: What can we expect?
A: I'm currently working on a streaming server that'll allow you to listen to the music before downloading.